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September 30, 2019

Things People Forget to do When Moving to Tulsa and Oklahoma City

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to a new homeShould you be similar to most homeowners who happen to be preparing to move to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, you wish to do all you can to ensure your move unfolds smoothly. One of the better approaches to have a streamlined move to Tulsa and Oklahoma City will be to arrange for your move well ahead of time and make sure you avoid a number of the typical oversights individuals make during the moving process. Below is a glance at the top 5 items individuals neglect to complete when moving.

1) Acquire care for young children and domestic pets

Sometimes homeowners can become so absorbed with the planning process that they neglect to think about their small children or domestic pets. Large moving company trucks, cutting tools, large equipment, and unfamiliar people inside the house can be traumatic for youngsters and family pets and can place them at elevated risk for injury. Make sure you contact a trusted friend well before your move to provide safe care for your children as well as domestic pets.

2) Secure parking for moving vehicles

Securing a good amount of parking for profes3sional mover's vehicles is very important for making the most of productivity and lessening labor with your move. If you reside in an extremely congested area or perhaps share a driveway with others, it is particularly crucial to stake out parking areas for moving trucks. Be sure you secure handy parking at the old house and also your new one.

3) Label boxes

Not many circumstances are more troublesome than staring at a multitude of boxes and crates and having not a clue where your computer, alarm clock, and basics are packed. Far worse, some homeowners may thoughtlessly grab a carton which they believe is packed with towels, just to make the unpleasant finding that the carton contains their breakable vintage clock. It is possible to steer clear of these types of pitfalls simply by stocking up on markers & labels and checking each and every box to ensure it is plainly labeled prior to loading it on the moving van.

4) Notify primary people about their move

It is your job as a property owner to get hold of your financial institution, credit card companies, insurance company, along with other key contacts to notify them of your upcoming move. To be thorough, it's actually a good idea to use all three methods of communication here to inform your contacts:

· Email: Distribute an email with your new home address in addition to moving date 30 days before you relocate. Resend the message once you've moved in.

· Telephone: Write down a list of your critical contacts and call them. Be sure you speak with an actual physical human being rather than leaving a message.

· Online Updates: Reserve a couple of hours to bring up to date all your online account profiles with your new address.

You may also send your primary contacts a postcard informing your move. This is a great strategy when you have contacts who are not often online.

5) Purchase strong packing materials

Old quilts, bath towels, bubble wrap, and sturdy boxes execute a crucial part in the moving process. Old blankets and towels can be used to place over furniture and appliances to shield them from damage if they shift inside a moving truck during transit. And bubble wrap can work wonders to shield your more compact valuables before placing them in boxes prior to the move. If you happen to be short on boxes, check area liquor stores, food stores, and also book stores. Quite a few local moving companies in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can provide used boxes, also.

What's the key to a non-problematic, successful move to Tulsa and Oklahoma City?

The single preferred strategy to stay away from the stumbling blocks layed out above is to seek the services of a dependable moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. A trained group of professional movers can remove the majority of the headaches specified above so you can focus on transitioning to your new residence. Find the numerous advantages of hiring professional movers by calling A-1 Freeman in Tulsa and Oklahoma City today!


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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