Packing Services for Employee Relocation Programs

Employee Relocation Packing Services

Landing a different job can frequently be nerve-racking. This is specifically valid when it comes to having to relocate in addition. Here at Oil Capitol Relocation, we know this and endeavor to assist each new member of your team to experience as smooth of a transition as feasible. Thus
Hence, we supply not only our moving expertise, but we can also pack and unpack for them.

We take good care of your old and new home while we’re packing for your relocation. Our packing services encompass:
  • Using protective covers for your floors, banisters, and other areas.
  • Labeling all boxes and furniture so that every item is accounted for.
  • Taking a complete inventory of each item we pack.
  • Loading up the moving truck.
  • Safely deliver the items to their new destination.
Our packing services are the perfect enhancement to every employee relocation package. Let us assist you in providing a stress-free move for your new people. Contact us today, and we’ll work to come up with the best plan possible. We look forward to helping you with the heavy lifting.

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