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August 31, 2019

Planning a Last-Minute Move to Tulsa and Oklahoma City Within the Late Summer Rush

Packing and MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

When planning a move, you know that you must have a specific amount of time to prepare for packing, reserving time with the moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and your journey in the moving van. Many of us have a few months of advance warning to plan their move and properly book the moving services they want. But occasionally, a move occurs upon us suddenly. You may be transferred to a brand new position and a whole new area with your company, perhaps there's a family emergency situation and you need to get across the state quickly. And sadly, these unexpected moving plans occasionally take place right during the summer moving season rush when moving companies are at their most hectic levels and most booked.

The good news is that you're not stuck needing to DIY the whole move using a rented truck. You could still receive the professional moving company services you would typically depend on with the appropriate approaches and a little bit of flexibleness. Today, we're here to give a few helpful pointers on carrying out a last-minute move to Tulsa and Oklahoma City even if it occurs over the end of summer season rush.

Do Most of Your Packing DIY

What really matters for most of us is having the cartons packed in the moving van, the weighty pieces of furniture safely and securely moved, and the large truck handled by knowledgeable professional movers. But what about packing? Packing can be quite time consuming, so if you are thinking of a DIY pack job, here are some things to bear in mind.

You are more than capable of folding your closet into boxes along with hanging bags. With just a few internet guides, you'll be able to figure out how to make full use of packing paper and dish packing grids to make sure your dishes, cookware, and collectibles are securely packed. Undoubtedly, you can pack up lots of the not-so-delicate belongings in your closets and you may even be capable to recruit buddies, neighbors, or perhaps coworkers to accomplish it quicker if you are prepared to pay them in pizza.

Even when you opt to not have a professional moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City help you to pack, they could help you equip yourself to pack expertly using the cartons, packing materials, furniture blankets, and dish grids you will need to do it correctly. And, should you get some of the packing finished and realize that you're in over your head, do not be afraid to pick up your phone and call your local moving company to request help.

Be Around to Move on Weekdays

The weekend is the single highest demand time for moving companies regardless of the season it is. It may genuinely be impossible to identify a summer time weekend that is not reserved. Yet weekdays differ. Because considerably fewer people are open to manage the moving process on mondays to fridays, movers often have these days, or maybe open hours in the course of weekdays, open and obtainable for last-minute movers who didn't schedule a saturday or sunday a few months in advance.

For lots of people who must move abruptly, weekdays are less of a challenge since your regular schedule and plans have already been turned on their head. In case your work is moving you, you could be in a position to ask for a couple of added paid days off to take care of the unanticipated move. In case you are transitioning employers, you may have the time at home on weekdays to manage this scheduling quirk.

And if you simply can't be available on weekdays, you could potentially be able to talk with a friend or neighbor who is available who could watch over the move on your behalf while you are at your workplace.

Work with Your Movers and Ask for Suggestions

Finally, don't be bashful to ask your moving company for additional tips. Professional movers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City know a lot better than anyone else what it is like to take care of a rushed moving job and should be very happy to give a handful of pointers. Speak with your movers about your mutual agendas to determine the right days where both you and they are available and contemplate any tips they give regarding how to make the schedule work.

Your movers might even have valuable recommendations and knowledgeable suggestions from quite a few years of expertise on how to pack up speedier, how to keep your valuable belongings safe and sound while hastening, and what to do regarding un-movable things such as indoor plants, domestic pets, or perhaps your chemistry set collection.


Moving in the eleventh hour, even throughout the summer moving rush, doesn't need to imply doing it all on your own. If you're willing to work with your moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, we can assist you in finding the right dates, times, and methods to get the whole thing finished punctually to the top quality level even when there is no time to produce careful moving plans.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
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Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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