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November 21, 2021

Moving in the New-Normal: Safe Social Distancing Tips for a Move

packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

Moving is one thing that usually may not be delayed. When it is time to move, you'll want to have the logistic plans required to get youself and all your belongings from the current house to your new home. In the current post-COVID ongoing condition, there's an expanding preference to try and do tasks on your own to keep households isolated. However moving is nearly always a team effort, from asking buddies over to assist you to pack to choosing professional movers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

How do you keep yourself and family safe from virus spread whilst still handling a practical and fun move? Here are a few helpful suggestions from professional movers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City to plan your move within “new normal” conditions.

Working with Buddies and Movers

The work of packing boxes, protecting furniture, and also loading the moving van isn't a solo task. The majority of people incorporate friends as well as work with a moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City to get the whole job done. By incorporating casual safety measures, this can be accomplished safely together.

Masks Indoors

When people are moving or packing indoors in non-family groups, make sure to mask-up. Comfortable fabric masks are both breathable and convenient to use in the house.

Take Breathers Outside

Moving can be difficult work. When you want to take off your mask to have a break, go outside. Groups might take breaks jointly with 6+ feet apart and masks off. This is an valuable way for lowering any mask-heat aggravations (you understand the feeling).

Work in Various Spaces

If you have a crew of pals as well as professional movers, have teams operate in separate spaces. Dividing spaces can also help break up the work. You could play music on smart speakers or loudly from a central location to share energy.

Clean As You Go Along

Once you move a box, clean the encompassing area. Each carton you move, clean along the way. Sanitize high-touch places like countertops and dining tables more than once during the day.

Organizing the Road Trip

The road trip is an essential part of any medium to long-distance move. If you need to drive several hours or perhaps overnight, arrange to decrease your exposure to others while traveling.

Organize Your Stops & Pre-Book Accommodations

Plan in advance. Calculate the distance between rest stops and service stations to pick stops that happen to be directly along your path. Determine the place you will stop for gas, lunch, as well as the night.

You can minimize time at the front desk by pre-booking a hotel. A number of places to stay have mobile booking for fully no-contact stays.

Remain Distanced and also Masked Around Others

If you make stops, stay masked and strive to maintain your distance. Keep away from entering shops and take your meals to an open location or eat in your car.

Prepare Snacks along with Sanitizing Wipes

The perfect car caddy items will help make your distanced road trip less difficult. Good snack foods, fresh bottled water, and antibacterial wipes pre and post each stop can help the miles pass with less fret.

Putting Together Your New House

Once you get to the new residence, you want to make certain it continues to be COVID-safe for your household, which is easy to accomplish.

Arrive Promptly

Begin by getting there prior to the moving van. Ensure the utilities are on, the heat or air is running, and the place is clean and all set for you to move in.

Create Unload Areas

Create one or more receiving locations intended for boxes and household furniture. This is a great way to unload the truck quickly and efficiently. Diligently manage distancing at this last stage. Don't forget to catch breathers when you need them, trying to move swiftly is tough work, regardless of whether you are unloading the trucks or piling boxes in the correct rooms.

Moving in this “new normal” is not difficult to carry out, however a few of our decades-old objectives have changed. With only a couple of variations of the classic move planning, you'll have a safe and enjoyable relocation. Give us a call today to go over the way we be sure that your items as well as family members are safe during your move to Tulsa and Oklahoma City.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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