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December 03, 2023

Avoid These Mistakes When Moving to Tulsa and Oklahoma City

moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

When you decide to make a move to a new residence, you go over lots of important specifics. Including determining what you ought to move, downsizing when needed, and contacting the correct individuals for help. This may lead to lots of frustration as details slip between the cracks. We would like to highlight four common moving mistakes people make, so that you can avoid them within this important time in your life.

Start preparing In advance

Whenever you plan to move, you ought to prepare for it beforehand. In the event you put it off too long, you will experience needless anxiety and challenges. For instance, you should contact a moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City as soon as possible, start packing your possessions, and determine your target move date. This way, you'll be able to figure out methods to tackle the move and avoid last minute crunch time.

When you keep organized and get your moving related responsibilities completed ahead of moving day, you could make the complete process easier and smoother.

Get Numerous Quotes

At times, people might get a quote from just one local moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, which is a blunder. A quote gives you approximately what you should need to pay if the moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City comes in and moves your stuff. In the event you merely obtain one quotation, you may pay more money on your move. As a result, we suggest that you get several quotes. Whilst you are evaluating the various estimates, ensure that you read precisely what is incorporated into every one to ensure that you are contrasting the same services over all the local or long-distance professional movers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Take Measurements at Your New Residence

Prior to committing to move your things, you need to get some measurements from your new residence. One example is, if you want to move your sofa to your new residence, you ought to make certain you have the space necessary for it. If you do not, you'll probably want to sell or get rid of the sofa before you move.

You should do this with any sizeable object you intend to bring to your new house. Otherwise, you have the chance of paying the moving company in Tulsa and Oklahoma City to move items which you end up having to give to a charity after you get to the new home.

Keep tabs on Your Paperwork

Throughout the moving process, you will have paperwork you should keep track of. For instance, you simply must keep all your moving documents handy, such as the bill of lading and also inventory. It's also advisable to keep tabs on various other documents, including birth certificates, passports, vehicle registration details, medical records, insurance plans, veterinary records and lease/mortgage documents. Hold these types of documents in a folder that you continuously know the location of in order to avoid losing them. It's also advisable to make a note of important phone numbers just in case you lose your cell phone.


It's easy to get some things wrong when you start the moving process since you can easily forget about essential details. These four ideas will help you remember some of the important parts of the process. If you are ready to make a move, Oil Capitol Relocation in Tulsa and Oklahoma City would like to assist. Get hold of us today!!

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