Should I Hire Professional Movers in Tulsa & Oklahoma City for some items?

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation

Heavy, large, and valuable--these three words strike fear in all but the most smart DIY mover. Amateur movers--you, your buddy, your sister's husband's soccer team--are great putting boxes on the moving truck, but what about the items which require an abundance of attention and additional care? Are you willing to allow mentioned sports team move your piano, or your blown-glass chandelier?

There are times when you will need a professional mover that can help. A seasoned professional mover in Tulsa & Oklahoma City can move heavy, substantial, and treasured articles quicker and with lots less headache than neighbors and friends, and with much less stress for you.


The main people who believe moving a piano is not a big deal are the people who have not ever done it. Pianos are fragile instruments and are really challenging to move. If you want to give it a shot, you'll need quilted blankets for wrapping, heavy-duty moving straps, along with a furniture dolly. You will in addition need to have a broad berth to guide it through the house and onto the truck, and several folks to pick it up and move it. Important point--a piano has to stay in the vertical position with the cover safely closed while it is being moved. If you have either steps or any size grand piano, engage a professional moving company in Tulsa & Oklahoma City to complete the job. Ask about their expertise in pianos whenever you call.


A lot of appliances usually are not worth moving, however if yours are relatively new or special (wine cellars, refrigerator drawers), you might like to bring them along. Before you agree to moving them by yourself, contemplate whether you can really pull this off. A new smart refrigerator weighs north of 300 lbs. and isn't just heavy, it's cumbersome and bulky. These new models are much more sensitive as compared to your mother's Frigidaire; they're touchy computers and require to be managed cautiously.

Likewise, Televisions are lighter than in the past, but a lot more delicate. Not only is the screen delicate, but smart TVs are essentially computers and require to be handled as such. Don't skimp on packing components for the TV--wrap it completely with bubble wrap (not excessively tight) and make certain it stays upright and protected. You can find a special TV carton for your sets; these are padded and also sized properly which means you don't have to be concerned whether or not you have gotten it right.

A professional moving company in Tulsa & Oklahoma City can't merely manage the actual move but disconnect and hook up everything adequately.


You could possibly question precisely how all those substantial home furnishings got through your doors. The doors just didn't get smaller, but chances are you have forgotten about that the furniture arrived unassembled. For anyone who is trying a DIY move, get out your tools, and commit to take some time taking items apart. For pieces of furniture which is all in one article, you may need a few things. A furniture dolly, moving straps, and moving blankets will all make the process easier, and so will the right lifting technique--always lift from your legs, not your back. Push the article instead of yanking it.

If these guidelines appear to be mind-boggling, you should book movers to manage your substantial pieces of furniture. An expert crew is able to take apart items which come apart, and correctly move the belongings that do not.


After significant and weighty are taken care of, how about the valuables? Art and heirlooms offer their own troubles to handle properly, though with determination and preparation it is possible to move these things. Pack these things with ample padding--bubble wrap, newsprint, peanuts, or a combination--and box them securely. Purchase crates for large pieces of art--it is worth it to move a painting carefully to your new house.

If you are sincerely considering moving by yourself, take time to inventory everything in your house to determine if that's practical. Many homeowners ultimately decide to employ a professional moving company in Tulsa & Oklahoma City yet leaving yourself time to find the right company is crucial.


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