Relocation Depression is a Real Thing

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Genuine dialogue here. Moving to Tulsa to a new home is stressful in the best circumstances. You are exiting your home--where you've made a life for yourself as well as your family--and beginning once more in a unfamiliar area. Indeed, the move itself is exhilarating--an adrenaline rush which goes on for months during the time you discover a new residence, load up the old one, and become settled with your loved ones into their new schedules. 
Yet after the boxes are unpacked and you have established the best route to the dry cleaners, the new reality sets in--you are in a new location, and your friends and social life are back in your old location--the area you still dream of as "home". And everything appears out of whack--there's a feeling of being out of place, and you are unsure if it's an actual or emotional place, but it's just not right. It isn't home.

These indicators might be more than the post-move doldrums. It's possible that you've got something called "relocation depression". Relocation depression is a real thing--the onset is after all the commotion of the move simmers down--and must be considered seriously and treated in the event that you cannot get rid of it on your own.  

Indicators to Watch For

These are generally several of the indicators to watch out for, the appearance of some of these in a couple of week span indicates you need to get some professional help. 

You Simply Can't Get Out of Bed 

And once you do, you are fatigued and really don't have the vigor to get through your day. Sleeplessness can be another symptom of depression; you may be worn out constantly, however you cannot go to sleep. Or it is possible to sleep--a dozen hours at a time and you're still drained. 

Lack of Interest in Anything 

In your former home or community, you had your routine along with your stuff--work, buddies, interests--that loaded your weeks. Currently, you've got work, but your friends did not accompany you and it's hard to be passionate about your pastimes if, much like a third-grader, you do not have anyone to play with. Grownups needs friends too, so do not feel bad or guilty that you are a little lonely. 

In case you cannot get enthusiastic about anything--activities, work, finding new buddies, interacting with family--chances are it is a symptom of depression. Along with the blahs comes being unable to concentrate--if something could get your consideration, it wouldn't keep going but a minute or two and you would zone out. 

Disinclination to Leave the Residence 

The new home is your safe haven, and you just don't want to leave it. Besides, you have TV shows for binging, and social media to check. Social media is often a double-edged sword because it lets you stay up with acquaintances, but it can also support and abet in your staying in rather than finding new friends.  

How to Combat Relocation Depression

There are certain things you can do to lift the haze, so try these and see if you feel better. 

Get Some Exercise--Active people feel better, so get out and just go walking a couple of times every day. If you have a dog it's a built-in reason to get outside. Build on that outdoors time every day. 

Scale Back or Do away with Alcohol--This is a depressant, so it will be best to refrain from it until you are feeling better. 

Interact with People--Take a course or enroll in a newcomers group. Volunteer--extra hands and capabilities are frequently welcome. Just a few new contacts creates a huge difference. 

Consider Something New--Go to museums, coffee houses, theater, restaurants--explore your new town and get to know it. Staying occupied is much like exercise--it keeps the excitement moving along and you will have far more energy. 

In case these solutions really don't help, locate a therapist. Relocation depression is no scam, and not dealt with, can spiral into something even more serious. You know yourself better than anyone, and when things aren't quite right, focus on your body and mind. Moving to Tulsa is among life's most nerve-racking occasions, nevertheless it doesn't have to be a source of gloominess or depression.


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