Protect your TV During your Move

couple moving tvOne of the worst things that sometimes happens when moving is breaking something important… especially your TV…. At Oil Capitol Relocation, we know how terrible it is to to be at your new home with a broken TV. We want to make your move as easy as possible here in Tulsa, whether your move is local or long distance. We know how hard it can be, so we make a list of tips and tricks to help when packing up your TV.

First off, you’re going to
have to have a box that’s the right size for transporting your TV. The perfect box to use is the box that your TV originally came in – if you still have that. If you got rid of it though, you can get a box specifically made for moving televisions from either a hardware store or a moving supply company. You should get a box that is just slightly bigger than the TV, but not by a lot; you don’t want the TV to bounce around when it’s inside. Transporting fragile and large items requires packaging, preparation, and moving experience, not just moving trucks or specialized equipment. At Oil Capitol Relocation we have a team of experienced movers who can help you with your move, even if it’s just getting your TV ready to load.

Before you start packing it up, a good idea is to take a photo of the back of the television with all the cords plugged in. This will make it way easier when the time comes to reinstall your television. Then, get your TV ready to go. First take out the main cord, then unplug any other connecting wires and cords. Put everything into a bag together and keep it with the TV. Sometimes there is a base you must remove from the television in order to fit it in the box. When that’s the case, put everything in a small bag and keep it with the base so everything stays in one place.

After getting all of the cords and wires separated from the TV, start packing the TV up. It doesn’t matter whether your new home is far from Tulsa or you are simply moving locally, it’s very important to see that your television is completely covered. Use foam pieces to go over the TV screen, you will find some in your kit if you decided to buy one, or in the box that your TV was in originally if you still have that. The foam doesn’t just keep the screen from being scratched, but it also keeps your television from bumping around in the box during the move. Secure the foam pieces with mover’s wrap or tape. Then use blankets or sheets to cover the TV and prevent it from becoming scratched.

Once your TV is completely covered up it’s finally time to place it in the box! Keep the television upright when you do this, and secure it by filling in any holes with blankets. This keeps the TV from shifting around in its box.

loading boxes into truck The last step is to get the TV into the moving truck. Place the box upright and try to put it agaist other flat, sturdy items, including your mattress, dresser, or a bookshelf. You can’t forget to have important cables by the TV, whether they’re in a bag taped to the side or in another box.

Then you’re ready to go! Hopefully you have a moving company here in Tulsa to help you out, getting you across the country or your town quickly and safely, with all of your stuff intact. If not, Oil Capitol Relocation has got you covered! We can move you fast and efficiently, and we’ll make sure your TV is safe and sound so you have it all up and running when the big game comes around.