Moving in Together: Tips to Combine Two Households

Moving in togetherBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

Deciding to move in together is a huge step. It can be one which really should not be taken casually (or done without a lot of thinking). Each party must sit down to talk about everything prior to when they take the leap. As a professional moving company in Tulsa & Oklahoma City, we know that despite having a plan, it's actually not always easy to combine two households into one.

Here are some tips to help you to both plan for the next phase.

Make certain that it is the right time. The fact is, there isn't a timeline that says when the best time is for a couple to move in together. It will be based on how both parties are feeling. Each of you must be on a similar page before you decide to join your households.

Determine the place where you would like to live. Though it may be simpler to move into one person's house, for many couples, it is wise to begin again in a new place. Doing this, it will always feel like home to the two of you, as opposed to his (or her) apartment.

Should you elect to move into one person's home, will the other individual be comfortable enough to make changes? When one person moves into the other person's residence, they will often desire to make it feel much more like their home by bringing in their unique furniture and moving several things around to generate space for their things. The other individual needs to be in a position to compromise and enable the other one to make these changes so both individuals can be satisfied in their new house.

Spend some time when going through your things. When merging two households, you will have ample items for the new (or existing house). Perhaps you are going to have not one but two beds, two sofas, and many blankets. You'll probably both have bathroom and kitchen pieces.

You won't have to have double of all things in your new place, and that means you are going to have to look through everything to evaluate which you will keep and what you are going to sell or give away. Some sentimental pieces should stay nevertheless you might struggle to determine what pieces of furniture you need to keep. You might need to make that call based on which is in better shape or perhaps which can integrate into your home better.

Don't be reluctant to look into storage. If you're really struggling to determine what to keep and eliminate, you might want to lease a storage space for the time being. This might also be of help if you're planning on moving into a bigger house in the future. You could need the additional bed for guests when you find yourself all set to purchase your next house. You may want to keep some of your sentimental belongings in storage until you have your man cave or she shack.

Talk about money affairs early on. It is essential to talk about finances before you move in together. You may want to use a joint checking account so that you can work together to pay the bills.

On the other hand, it may work better if you split up the bills, having one person handle the rent, while the other takes care of the electricity, water, and other bills. Both of you have to be comfortable with how you will pay your bills prior to taking the next step.

Before you decide to move in together, you need to sit down and really discuss it. You should be sure that it will be the best time for both of you. In addition, you have to decide if you are intending to reside in one person's place or commence fresh with your new home. Then, you need to go through your belongings. Find a moving company in Tulsa & Oklahoma City to help you and rent a storage locker should you be struggling with which stuff to keep.

At Oil Capitol Relocation in Tulsa & Oklahoma City, we understand how challenging moving can be and we want to make this change simpler for you. Regardless if you are moving locally or someplace entirely new, we will carry out the hard work. We will gladly make sure that everything that you opt to move makes it to your new house in fantastic shape.


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