Top 5 Tips for Moving in Tulsa When You're a Retiree

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Top 5 Tips for Moving in Tulsa When You're a Retiree

Most of us anticipate happiness in retirement. After a lifetime of working hard, we finally get to kick back, relax, and enjoy the rewards of our labors. Some people realize that when they reach senior citizen age that they now need to move. Perhaps it is because they no longer need the area in their Tulsa house with their children grown-up and moved away, maybe it's because they find themselves living on a set income, or maybe it's because they want to finally settle down in that sultry climate they have always dreamt about. Regardless the reason for moving after you achieve retiree status, it's important to give the task some careful consideration.

Tip #1: Consider Moving When the Weather Turns Colder

An advantage of being a senior citizen is you are no longer bound by the same schedule limitations as people who need to work. You choose to go to the grocery in the middle of a Tuesday? Go for it, you are in control of your schedule. Want to take in a movie matinee while everyone else has to work? Enjoy the feature! And should you want to move, then you have the opportunity to do so in the moving off-season, when demand and costs are both at their lowest.

Spring and summe are the busiest times for moving for several good reasons (mild weather, the kids are done with school, etc.), and thus is is also the most expensive time to move. The months before or months after this peak can save you lots of money.

Tip #2: If You Don't Need It, Don't Take It

The more time you live in a house, the more stuff you accumulate. Everything, from shoes you haven't worn in a decade, to papers from a job you barely remember, fills in the nooks and crannies in your home. So, before your move, start paring down. Ask yourself if you've used something in the last several years. If you haven't, you likely don't need it. So, throw it away, donate it, give it away to loved ones or strangers, but if you don't need to keep it, don't pack it.

Tip #3: Have a Plan

Moving isn't something you should do on the fly, especially if you are retireed. You have to sit down, do some investigating, and make sure you have everything in order. You need to know where you're moving to, how you're going to get there, if you should hire a professional Tulsa mover, your timeline, and last but not least, you need to have your budget figured out to the last dollar. And, just to be on the safe side, you should have several alternative strategies in place, just in case something fluctuates, or doesn't work the way you want or need it to.

Tip #4: Prepare

Planning is when you write out your agenda; preparation is when you start getting ready. When you start preparing for a move, you're paring down your possessions, retaining cash for the moving expenses, deciding when to put your house up for sale, etc. Preparation is the second part of the three-act play that is a move.

Tip #5: Don’t Rush

Moving is not something be done hurriedly. Decisions need to be decided upon with care, and you should have all the facts on-hand before drawing conclusions. Not only that, but you should make sure you have plenty of time to prepare and resolve any loose ends that need to be resolved before you finish packing and head off to your new home. There's no need to rush, so go at a clip you're comfortable with.

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