Tips from Professional Movers on Relocating to Tulsa as a Single Parent

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to Tulsa is often a challenging activity and can even be more so for single parents. This is especially due to the fact, along with the tension of planning the move by yourself, you need to physically and mentally prepare your young children to acclimate to a new community. However, creating a realistic strategy on how to do it will save you a lot of hassle.

Regardless if you are moving interstate or in the same town, you need to realize that moving as a single parent has its own share of struggles. Here we offer a few suggestions to make it possible for you along with your youngsters as you begin discovering new environments.


Being a single mother or father, there is a load of details to take into account prior to embarking on moving. This will make it crucial for you to prepare and strategize prior to the day of moving comes. In any case, the moving process consists of plenty of unpredictable situations, which, lacking ample planning, can inconvenience you.

While in the planning stage, you ought to make your youngsters core to your plan. Take into account circumstances that concern them directly, like the nature of the new community and also the change to a new school. Having a decent plan could make the moving process simple and effortless for you and your children.

Talk with your kids

Including your kids in the plans to move may help prepare them for the future developments. Based on how old they are, it's also possible to assign some responsibilities, including packing the cartons and cleaning rooms. Whilst they may be nervous and resistant to start with, they're more likely to come around if you discuss with them and share the reasons driving the move. As the only parent they look up to, it will be healthy to remain truthful, particularly on things that involve your kids.

Employ professional movers

Given that moving with youngsters as a single mother or father can be very delicate, you can't compromise on the people you employ that will help you move. Searching for the best moving company in Tulsa beforehand may help you get your money situation along with budget in order. Additionally, you will have the time to research their performance based on what past clients say about them.

Numerous professional movers in Tulsa have extra services, such as packing and unpacking. If you find it overwhelming to carry out these types of tasks, you can search for a moving company that can help you with them.

Travel light

Leaving behind the things you don't need can save you plenty of cash in moving expenses. You should declutter your home a month or so ahead of moving so you will be able to identify what's worth moving with you and what is not. Remember that the more items you move with, the more the costs and vice versa.

Ask for assistance

Moving is an engaging activity and can require all your focus. Therefore, having extra hands to assist in packing and caring for youngsters can make things a lot easier. Have a friend or relative take care of your kids on moving day so that you can focus on being available for the moving company.

Being a single parent should not cause you to be incapable to move to your location of preference. Engaging professional movers in Tulsa, having a plan, and above all, putting your kids in the center of the moving process is all you need to relocate efficiently.

Should you be considering to move, A-1 Freeman in Tulsa can perform the hard work for you, from storage to logistics and actual moving. Get in touch with us and make the most of our professional moving services.


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