A Quality Move from a Quality Tulsa Moving Company

The quality of a move is just as important as the cost coupled with it, if not more. You don’t want to leave your stuff to the hands of Tulsa movers who aren’t tracking how useful their systems are. That’s a recipe for disaster and hikes the likelihood of your items being banged up while in transit. Here at Oil Capitol Relocation, we’ve got a huge focus on making sure we present our clients with the most outstanding Tulsa moving experience they can likely have during an already hectic time.

customer service is critical in moving companies We succeed in this as a result our Quality Assurance Program. A big portion of our QAP is our Inside Performance Management (iPM). The iPM is a web-based, post-move survey that we hand out to all of our customers so that we can monitor how strongly we performed throughout our methods. It has questions that encompass each step in the process starting with the introductory sales call all the way through to the final delivery. This permits us to receive feedback straight from the people whose opinion most significant, our customers!

We record all of these answers in an effort to create a sweeping image of how we’re doing. If we notice that there’s a part that’s running into some pain, we’ll be able to adapt our method and squash the issue for the next move. By regularly improving our systems, we’re able to stay on top of the food chain when it comes to providing consistent, superior customer service each and every time.

moving tools tape dispenser So when it comes to long distance moves, local moves, or any other moving needs you have, make sure you’re partnering with a professional moving company that has a strong plan to maintain and increase the quality they deliver. Oil Capitol Relocation can help you with this, and you can get started with a completely free moving estimate.

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